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        Strategy & Planning

        We are so much more than just a design studio.

        With our primary talents?in branding and digital design, it’s important to stress how strategy matters so much to both elements. A core reason for using an agency of our calibre is the added value we bring to your team when it comes to working on your business. Our clients realise, in order to truly succeed in business, their?goals and plans need to be at the focus of any marketing?exercise.


        Nobody gets anywhere without direction. Looking at all your strengths, weaknesses, who your target market is and competitors, we can focus our direction and overall marketing strategy. Top that off with some feedback from your most valued asset, your clients and customers, Banter?craft an overview of your customers experience. It’s these business truths and “secrets” that will steer you ahead of your competition.


        Armed with our knowledge of all things digital, Banter?are able to create a?framework on which your brand message can be carried. We create a brand which is geared to ensure a memorable experience, both offline and online. Banter?lifts the skirt?of your business, conducting an analysis and audit of your digital presence. Thus crafting a digital landscape, that will?guide you into the next century.


        Banter?develop key messages that?clearly communicate your unique proposition to your clients. We make sure you are speaking the right message to the right people. After all, you want nothing to stand in the way of growing your business.?And best of all, because we are geared to implement?your brand, you end up with a one?cohesive brand identity and message – from concept?through to creative delivery. All with one agency.

        We’re not only?about the bling-bling

        Word on the Street

        “I?am so grateful for?the strategic planning?Banter?has put together. It’s a massive benefit for my company.”

        Hanneke Rauch

        Buzz Drama

        “Thank you to Banter?for being such a pleasure to work with and for always being reliable.”

        Dr Sara Britten

        Strategy Director

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