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        Social Media Marketing

        Banter is all things digital, including your social media content and marketing needs.

        Banter not only setup business profiles, but we also manage them to provide our clients with our innovative content creation, management and implementation in a more efficient manner.


        Right of the bat, the setup of your various social media pages needs to be implemented correctly to ensure you get the most out of your business page. From running paid adverts and campaigns, boosted posts or just to increase your social presence, your profile must be viewed as a mini website and thus needs to meet the requirements and standards of the specific platform, allowing your business to really get the most “bang for its buck.”


        Banter social media content solution helps you manage your outbound and incoming online interaction along with various small business marketing activities. We streamline how you listen to and participate in relevant conversations on your various platforms. Using our various content planning strategy and content grids, Banter efficiently manages all your social media requirements.


        Social Media is like “word of mouth” on steroids, and as a business, it’s vital to tap into your community and join the online conversation. Banter social media content solution helps you manage your outbound and incoming engagement and conversations with your audience. Through our creative story telling and visual support, we add value to peoples “timelines” and ensure your clients are engaged with your brand.

        We are Social Guru’s

        Word on the Street

        “We are sure glad you guys are part of the team and all the staff love Banter!”

        Riaan Van Niekerk

        Haute Cabriere

        “Banter are consistent with their creativity and prompt turnaround time.”

        Megan Slabbert

        Online Marketing Manager

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