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        Content Creation

        Start creating engaging and effective content to help you generate more valuable leads.

        Content creation is one of the most important marketing tools to achieve a reputable online presence. No Longer do people want to be sold to, they want to be educated, informed and provoked emotionally. Our content creation offering will help your business portray itself as a thought leader in your industry, sprouting your knowledge and your tried and tested techniques.

        banter_iconContent Strategy
        Banter has a dual focus on research and positioning to ensure your content is delivering on your business objectives. Generic content is unlikely to rank organically. Generic content doesn’t get shared. Generic content doesn’t engage people and is therefore unlikely to deliver against your wider marketing objectives.
        banter_iconCreating Content
        Once we?have created your content marketing strategy, the fun part begins: creating the content! What should we?write about? What type of content should we?create? Content includes blogs, articles, videos, imagery, white papers or simply imparting your years of knowledge and experience.
        banter_iconContent Marketing
        We have always been a visually arresting agency and through the use of illustrations, animations and copy, Banter Creates helpful interactive content?to provide your users with valuable information. We tell stories that are compelling and authentic.? Ensuring that our communications are top notch and always gets the tongues wagging!

        Combining Software, Creativity and Intelligent Techniques

        Word on the Street

        “We want to compliment Banter on our fantastic newsletter. It has been put together brilliantly and is well-received.”
        Michael Denenga
        Thipa Denenga Attorneys
        “Banter has elevated our online communications and we are now on trend with the latest international online developments.”
        Megan Slabbert
        Online Marketing Manager
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