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        Video & Editing

        Yup, we make things move as well!

        Banter?may be small, but we play with the big boys in the world of video editing and video creation. We help you with all of your video needs, whether it be a short animated clip, self promoting skit or a full live action video production with cameras, lights, voice-overs and leprechauns (if you are so inclined.)


        While we are not a film production agency per se with the majority of work being created in-house, and when needed, we do collaborate with industry leaders in the field to create a stunning video that will have your customers shaking in their UGG Boots. No project is too big or small for our talented team of hungry creatives and editors. Animation, motion graphics or live action filming, we aim to be in sync and on the money.


        Do you already have the footage of your adventures, but you have no idea of how to string the incoherent scenes into something profitable for your business? Our team of editors are ready to sift through the archives of footage to find the absolute best scenes to use. Speeding footage up, slowing it down and timing it to the music, is essential for a professional video production.

        Slick, Modern Video Creation and Editing

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