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        Payment Terms


        Our full Terms and Conditions can be found here.

        12.1. The Client shall, when placing an Order with Banter Digital in terms of clause 3.1, receive a Quote from Banter Media. Such Quote shall, subject to clause 12.2, be valid for a period of 30 (thirty) days, where after it shall lapse and shall not be binding on Banter Media.

        12.2. Where the Services include printing, then that portion of the Quote shall be valid for a period of 7 (seven) Business Days, where after such portion of the Quote shall lapse and shall not be binding on Banter Digital.

        12.3. The Quote shall specify the number of revisions to the Services which the Client shall be entitled to request. Any further revisions shall be dealt with in accordance with clause 4.

        12.4. In the event that the Client accepts the Quote, then an authorised representative of the Client must sign the Quote, and such signed Quote must be returned to Banter Digital. Thereafter, Banter Digital shall issue an Invoice to the Client, setting out:

        12.4.1. a securing fee, to be paid by the Client to Banter Digital immediately upon such Invoice being issued to the Client (the “Securing Fee”); and

        12.4.2. where applicable, a completion fee, being the balance of the fees payable by the Client to Banter Digital, which shall be paid by the Client to Banter Digital by no later than 2 (days) from date of Completion.

        12.5. The Client specifically acknowledges and agrees that:

        12.5.1. Banter Digital is entitled to charge 100% (one hundred percent) of the fees payable in respect of the Services as a Securing Fee;

        12.5.2. the Securing Fee is not refundable under any circumstances;

        12.5.3. unless Banter Digital decides otherwise, in its sole and absolute discretion, it shall not render any Services to the Client until the Securing Fee has been paid by the Client, and Banter Digital has received proof of payment thereof.

        12.6. The Client shall pay any and all amounts owed by it to Banter Digital in terms of this Agreement, by:

        12.6.1. electronic transfer into a bank account nominated by Banter Digital from time to time, in which case the Client shall send Banter Digital an email containing proof of payment of the amount so paid; or

        12.6.2. debit order, in which case the terms and conditions contained within the Debit Order Form made available on Banter Digital’s website shall apply; or

        12.6.3. cash, directly to Banter Digital, in which case the Client shall be required to pay Banter Digital an extra surcharge in the amount of 5% (five percent) of the cash amount paid to Banter Digital.

        12.7. Any amount falling due for payment by the Client to Banter Digital shall bear interest at the rate of 12% (twelve percent) from due date until date of payment, calculated and payable monthly in advance. Should the said interest not be paid in full by the Client, such interest will be added to the principal sum, and the total shall form the principal debt which shall then bear interest in the same way as set out above. In the case of a dispute as to the rate of interest, a certificate in writing by a manager or accountant of Banter Digital shall be?prima facie?evidence thereof.

        12.8. The Client shall be liable for any and all bank charges payable for any direct deposits hereunder.

        Hosting & Domain Registration

        • All hosting & domain registrations annual renewal must be paid 2 months before hosting expires or is up for renewal to make sure no downtime. Failure to pay within this time period may result in?Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd terminating the hosting.?Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?cannot be held liable for the loss of revenue, income, sales and productivity in these cases.
        • Google Rankings cannot be guaranteed unless The Client has SEO management, which includes “pay per click” and “Ad Words”.

        Website Build

        • Any extra ad-on’s to the website build will be quoted for separately, if approved, it will be billed with last Invoice.
        • Once website template has been approved, any template changes will be charged at R1250.00 per change.
        • The balance of payment is required on receipt of last invoice for products or services provided by Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd.
        • Once website has been approved, uploaded and live, client has a 2 week window period to make any minor changes?needed. Thereafter any further content changes will be charged at an hourly rate or part thereof of R500.00.

        Banter Digital Specials & Promotions

        • The Client can choose either to pay the full cost in one payment or split the cost into 2 payments to be agreed with?Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd. Should the cost be split into 2 payments then the first half of the payment is to be received before work commences and the second payment to be received towards the end of work and before hand over of finished files.
        • Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?does offer a?6 or 12 month payment plan which must be agreed upon by both parties.?Both 6 and 12 month payment options have a set securing fee at the quoted rate. The securing fee payment is to be received before work commences. Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?reserves the right to setup a debit order on the clients account to ease these payment options unless an alternative payment plan has been agreed on by both parties.
        • If and when a 6 or 12 month payment plan is agreed upon by both parties,?Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?has the right to add?an extra charge to the monthly payments for interest on monies due.
        • Debit order?forms?will be provided. Any and all bank charges payable for direct deposits are for the Client’s account.
        • Clients?on payment plans will be provided with forms for?debit order authorisation for the settlement of the monthly fee on the?26th (twenty sixth) day of each month with?Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?.

        Termination and Non-Payment

        • Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?reserves the right to decline further work on a project if there are invoices outstanding with the Client.
        • Client may ask that?Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?cancel a project in writing by e-mail or Telefax to?Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?and the project is cancelled only if?Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?confirms work has not been started on the project. If?Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?has begun or completed the work and the Client no longer requires the files but have agreed to the work, they are still obliged to pay?Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?for the work that has been carried out.
        • All invoices are submitted by e-mail except where required otherwise by regulations or agreed at?Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?discretion.
        • Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?reserves the right to remove its work for Client from the Internet if payments are not received.
        • No other arrangements may be made nor will be accepted. Failure by The Client to adhere will result in The Client being charged interest on the unpaid part.
        • An Interest rate of 12% per annum will be charged on all late payments and overdue amounts. Should The Clients account fall into arrears, any and all discounts will be forfeited and The Client will be charged and be liable for the standard rates.

        Banking Details

        Account Holder: Banter Digital Pty Ltd
        Bank: First National Bank
        Branch: Randridge Mall
        Branch Code: 255955
        Type:?Business Cheque Acc
        Account Number: 62726287122

        Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?Postal Address

        PO BOX 618
        Randpark Ridge

        Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd?Contact Details

        Tel:?011 478 7855

        Email: [email protected]

        It is the Clients responsibility and duty to read all the Terms and Conditions and payment policies. By acceptance of any quotations and making payment of The Projects securing fee, Banter Digital (Pty) Ltd accepts that these?Terms and Conditions and payment policies?have been understood and agreed with.

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