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        About Banter

        This is a little like a first date.

        So let’s tell you a bit more about us. We specialise in taking your business successfully into the digital world. We offer personalised, friendly and efficient services, which are fully customisable to suit your business needs. We’re the Digital Agency?that will take your business further than ever before. Exciting stuff.

        banter_iconOur Values

        We believe that the most effective and dynamic business relationships are built on similar beliefs. Transparency, Integrity and Efficiency are at the forefront of Banters?values, followed by Knowledge, Innovation, Approachability and most importantly Fun. These?are the values that we live and breathe, day in and day out.

        banter_iconOur Origins

        Right from day one, Banter has been creating, developing and marketing brands both online and offline. Birthed by?founder Craig Meiring over 12 years ago,?Banter has?evolved into the digital agency of choice with?a?combination of strategic skills backed by our?creative branding and technical prowess.


        Our goal to be one of the leading Digital solutions agency in South Africa is fast becoming a reality and our strong focus on our clients needs and the creative solutions we can provide for them makes for an exciting journey ahead!
        Banter – It’s a digital revolution.

        Creating Digital Solutions

        The Breakdown

        Inspired by the history of our logo and our new vision and new solutions; our new logo represents several elements that really capture the Banter spirit


        As you can see we have dropped the ‘Media’ so that we are now just Banter! This is a conscious effort to not define ourselves by just one service or range of services.


        We also have a new colour palette that is fresh and contemporary. We are sticking with our trusted teal and grey, but also adding a few other colours to mix it up and show just how flexible Banter can be!

        COOL & PLAYFUL

        Our new font is clean, modern and a perfect combination of cool and playful. Everything that Banter stands for!


        The simplistic curve represents our smiles, our happiness in what we do, and also our promise to ensure our clients are always happy with our services.


        For the icon, we decided to carry through a more simplified version of our speech bubble. This represents one of the core values of Banter: communication. The personal conversation we have with our clients has become the signature of our business.


        Banter has always kept our focus on global trends and new developments in digital. Our new icon reminds us of an eye. So we’re keeping an eye on our future, and keeping an eye out for our clients!


        And even though we’re looking to the future doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten where we came from! Our final symbolism is a simplified map pointer – indicating not only our business being ‘put on the map’ so to speak, but also referencing our world wide reach of clients.


        Word on the Street

        “Banter do amazing work, and we are very grateful to have them supporting us in building our brand from strength to strength.”

        Benita Goodwin

        Owner & Manager
        Rubix Shuttles & Transfers

        “Working with a creative, forward-thinking company like Banter, we’ve been able to engage with our customers more effectively.”

        Megan Slabbert

        Online Marketing Manager

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